The EU project ELOBIO and the European Innovation Council are excited to announce the International Workshop on Novel Routes for the Production of Green Hydrogen, which will take place on 13.07.2024 in Lyon. This workshop will allow researchers, industry professionals and policy makers to explore and discuss the latest advancements and future prospects in green hydrogen production. The workshop will feature keynote speeches from leading experts in the field to initiate interactive working group discussions. Main conclusions of the workshop will be summarized in a short report for policymakers to guide further funding in this crucial field for the energy transition.

Green H2 topics will be covered by four keynote lectures and discussed by the working groups:

  • Prof. Peter Strasser (Technische Universität Berlin): Electrocatalytic Materials, Interfaces, and Devices for the production of green hydrogen.
  • Dr. Guiseppe Torzillo (National Research Council of Italy): Photobiological hydrogen production with microalgae.
  • Dr. Hannah Johnson (Toyota Europe): Precious Metal-Free Components for Green Hydrogen Production via PEM Electrolysis.
  • Prof. Patrick Cognet (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse): Reactor designs and process optimization.
  • Dr. Julie Mougin (Deputy Director for Hydrogen Technologies of CEA liten and board member of Hydrogen Europe Research): Low-carbon hydrogen production by water electrolysis: Opportunities, challenges and trends of development.

The workshop will host 70 academics, industrial researchers, and policy-makers interested in green hydrogen production. For further details, please contact: