EIC Hydrogen Portfolio Criteria
Broad range of technologies, system integration opportunities, circularity approaches, non-critical raw materials, co-production of H2 and chemicals/materials

ANEMELANion Exchange Membrane Electrolysis from Low-grade water sources101071111
DualFlowDual circuit flow battery for hydrogen and value added chemical production101070788
EPOCHElectrocatalytic Production of liquid Organic hydrogen carrier and CHemicals from lignin101070976
GH2GreenH2 production from water and bioalcohols by full solar spectrum in a flow reactor101070721
H2STEELGreen H2 and circular bio-coal from biowaste for cost-competitive sustainable Steel101070741
MacGhyverMicrofluidic wAstewater treatment and Creation of Green HYdrogen Via Electrochemical Reactions101069981
OHPERAOptimised Halide Perovskite nanocrystalline based Electrolyser for clean, robust, efficient and decentralised pRoduction of H2101071010
PhotoSynH2Photosynthetic electron focusing technology for direct efficient biohydrogen production from solar energy101070948

1. A coherent set of projects aligned to the topic guide with competing or complementary technologies and research approaches;
2. Multidisciplinary interactions and exchanges for synergies and serendipity;
3. Contributing to an overarching medium to long-term market vision and strategic plan
4. Projects funded on the basis of the portfolio criteria defined by the evaluation panel after the remote evaluation
5. Projects will participate in relevant portfolio activities, driven by the Project Manager

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