Main Results

This section will present the main results of our projects, including publications, deliverables, and much more.

Experiments began at IRCELYON!

First step, validation of the experimental setup…

Gas-tight electrochemical cell featuring an O2 sensor for precise detection of oxygen traces during the electrochemical oxidation of biomass :

Recent advances at UCLM !

On this video we can see an H cell. It contains (glucose+mixed electrolyte) on the anodic chamber (left side) and mixed electrolyte on the cathodic chamber (right side). The anodic side also contains an O2 sensor for measuring possible O2 formation for the evaluation of the competition between the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and Glucose oxidation reaction (GOR).

The video shows the cell at a voltage operation of 1.7 V vs RHE and Glucose concentration of 40 mM. Under these conditions, bubbles formation can be observed on the cathode due to the Hydrogen Evolution reaction (HER) and no bubbles at the anode, confirming that OER is completely replaced under the explored operation conditions by the GOR.